Bathurst Goldfields

Bathurst Goldfields are excited to announce a new series of education programs. These specially designed units of work provide programs that meet the needs of schools, students and the new National Curriculum. 

Abercrombie Caves

The programs they offer have been updated, modernised and aligned with the new National Curriculum for both primary and secondary years. Bathurst Gold have a strong focus on cross-curricular activities that maximise a schools time away from the classroom. For example, the Abercrombie Caves component combines units of maths, science, geography, history and music.The ‘hands on’ gold experiences will continue in their carefully recreated 1850’s goldfields village - but with some new added extras. Primary students will be taken to various, rich historical sites around Bathurst and experience the true history of Australia’s oldest inland settlement. Locations include; the site of the Old Bathurst Gaol, execution grounds of the Ribbon Gang, Bathurst Cemetery and the Bathurst Courthouse.

Primary students will be provided with investigative tasks to complete during their interaction with an onsite guide at these sites. Tasks require students to collect, record, analyse and interpret a range of sources to create a meaningful and holistic view of life in early colonial Australia. Primary programs contain pre-excursion reading and questions, tasks to complete during the excursion and a school based final project.

Old Bathurst GaolSecondary students will also be provided with skills-based investigative tasks to complete during their interaction with each individual excursion site. These excursions are available and cover elements of geographical inquiry, historical skills and science inquiry skills. Investigative based tasks are designed for year 7 to 10 including additional environment study in land and inland water. Senior Secondary Curriculum areas focus on Geography and Earth and Environmental Science.

Excursions can be tailored according to school requirements by our education team in preparation for the National Curriculum and the 2020 school year.

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