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We endeavour to provide refunds to our clients where ever possible. As we deal with many different third party travel suppliers (attractions, accommodation, travel providers, insurance, flights etc). Refunds are provided based only on what we are not charged for and subject to any third party terms & conditions signed.

Should you have any queries regarding refunds or wish to apply for a refund, please contact our Accounts Department by email – accounts[at] or phone on 02 6456 4033 (Accounts Extension 1 - 4).

School Excursions Australia

Schools must pay the Final Invoice by due date, prior to travel, regardless of late number drops. Refunds will then be given based on both Away We Go Tours refund conditions, and terms and conditions of services booked by Away We Go Tours, on behalf of a school.

We refund based on what we are not charged, on quoted rate and provided minimum numbers have been reached.

School Tours International, Group Tours & Personalised Travel

Refunds are subject to the terms and conditions that you agreed with the Third Party Travel Provider. If the Third Party Travel Provider is required to provide you with a refund for the Travel Product, you will receive a refund subject to these terms and conditions including the application of any cancellation fees.