Travel Insurance

You hope your trip will go perfectly. So do we. But if something goes wrong, you should have travel insurance that takes care of you. That’s where we can help.

Our travel consultants have undertaken specialist training to be able to provide you with detailed information on a range of insurance products with our preferred providers:

  • Covermore Travel Insurance
  • Aussie Travel Insurance

When organising your tour, there are always so many things to remember, but the most important thing to remember is Travel Insurance. Travelling today comes with so many experiences and much excitement, however an unexpected situation can turn a tour into a financial and stressful hardship.

Away We Go Tours strongly recommends that all groups who are travelling domestically or internationally be covered by Travel Insurance. Away We Go Tours offers insurance cover specifically designed for school groups, travelling around Australia and overseas.

What constitutes a Group Policy?
  • A group is defined as 10+ paying travellers
  • All travellers must be under 70 years of age
  • All members of the group must be travelling on the same dates; no pre and post extensions are available. Customers will need to take a separate single trip policy for this time

Contact us for more information about the right type of travel insurance to suit your needs.